You Can Take Your Home With You

Greetings from Tokyo! I have returned for the fifth time to work with coaching clients, give private intuitive readings, and to hold several live events. My childhood dream of coming to Japan has manifested into a wonderful reality, and I am profoundly grateful for it. Although I love to travel for work, I am very […]

What does your home say about your consciousness?

When I see silver energy around someone, it represents powerful, divine feminine energy. Silver is effective for increasing a sense of security in our lives, particularly at home. Silver has an established history of being associated with feminine power, as well as the moon. In tribal societies, the moon, and therefore silver, is traditionally associated […]

Why do we want what we don’t have?

Hi from Oregon! We flew to Portland this week so I could do some local TV to promote my new book, as well as a book signing. I am looking out at a marina as I write, enjoying the grey skies and gentle pitter-patter of rain. I absolutely love this weather, the kind that makes […]

3 Ways The Color Purple Can Lead You To Your Destiny

As a professional intuitive and aura reader, purple is one of the most popular colors I am asked about. I completely understand this attraction, and often find that spiritual practitioners use the color purple as a theme in their offices. So the question is, what’s the deal with the purple? Why are people so drawn […]

Setting Energetic Boundaries

I find that protecting our energy is an important lesson for everyone to learn. We have all been in situations where we…

But How Do I Harness The Power Of Color?

When I first discovered that color has the power to change specific aspects of our personality, I couldn’t wait to play with each one!

What It Means When A Color Bothers Us

Have you ever found yourself repelled by a specific color? If so, pay attention to it…

Use These 3 Colors To Boost Your Mood Right Now

As a clairvoyant who has spent my entire life studying people’s energies, I believe that color is one of the strongest languages of the universe. When someone discusses an important topic in his or her life, I will often see a colorful glow appear around them, indicating whether they are on the right track or […]

Surprises From The Universe

I’m sitting here in my hotel in New York City feeling a tremendous amount of gratitude. If you have ever visited Manhattan during…

Overcoming Self-Doubt

During our journey through life we are all faced with challenges that must be overcome. But for many of us who are working on self-esteem…