I work with many coaching clients from all walks of life, and what they all have in common is a desire to change or improve some aspect of their lives.

We usually begin our first session with a discussion about their specific goals. But before I outline any steps to help them achieve that goal, I like to go a bit deeper. I might ask a series of questions to help get to the root of why they want to achieve a specific goal.

For example, many people say they want to increase their financial abundance, but the intention behind this goal can vary greatly. Some might want to feel safe and secure, or they might want approval from their parents. Some may want the confidence to ask someone out on a date. Others might want extra time to pursue their passions.

Understanding the reasons behind any goal can help reveal the true essence of our hopes and dreams. It may even help redirect our goal entirely.

Personally, I like to merge the idea of manifesting with goal setting because they are similar endeavors that benefit from each other. Manifesting is often seen as passive, an opportunity for us to sit back and daydream about a better life. On the other hand, goal setting is much more pragmatic (and to be honest, not nearly as fun as daydreaming). This is why many new year’s resolutions don’t usually last.

By merging these two ideas, we get to enjoy the fun of fantasizing about our dreams and the effectiveness of taking concrete steps towards making them happen. The next time you are thinking of something to manifest, or a goal you want to set, ask yourself the following question. What is it I want to feel by receiving this in my life? Try to be as honest as possible with yourself when thinking about this question.

What we are trying to identify is a feeling, an emotion, or an overall thought process. You might write down your manifesting goal on a piece of paper and then give yourself some time to answer why you actually want it. You may find that your manifesting goal is in perfect alignment with your desired feelings. But you may also discover that you are searching for something that you don’t really need. This is what I call Mindful Manifesting.

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