When I see silver energy around someone, it represents powerful, divine feminine energy. Silver is effective for increasing a sense of security in our lives, particularly at home. Silver has an established history of being associated with feminine power, as well as the moon.

In tribal societies, the moon, and therefore silver, is traditionally associated with divine feminine energy. But when I say “feminine” I am not talking about gender. Every person on the planet possesses both masculine and feminine traits that we can access.

I personally experience silver as calming and stabilizing. Just as a mama bear protects her cubs, silver will naturally make your home feel protected.

Your home is a reflection of your consciousness. I say this frequently and believe it to my core. This concept is also closely related to our relationship with silver energy.

What I mean is, the way you treat your living space is directly related to how you feel about your life in general. To be clear, this has nothing to do with money and everything to do with intention.

One of my favorite ways to gauge someone’s relationship with silver energy is by presenting the following scenario:

Imagine that, in this very moment, a new friend calls you unexpectedly. They are in your neighborhood and would like to stop by your house to say hello. How does this make you feel? You may respond with joy and enthusiasm at the prospect of seeing your friend. You might immediately invite them over and feel loving, energetic expansion at their arrival.

Or you might tell them that you need a few minutes and then quickly clean up various messes around your home.

Your home may be messy because you were not expecting guests. This is perfectly natural. But I am more referring to your overall attitude about having people in your personal space. If you struggle with this idea, working with silver will empower you to both protect and open the energy surrounding your home.

Your home might be dirty or there might be items lying around you do not want them to see. You might find it easier to just avoid the interaction entirely and tell them you are busy.

What you want to look at here is the feeling and energy behind your answer. Do you feel proud of sharing your home with other people, or do you feel something different? That feeling is being absorbed by your consciousness whether you know it or not.

If you struggle with this idea, working with silver will empower you to both protect and open the energy surrounding your home.

As a young adult I struggled with balancing silver energy in my home. Although my living spaces were pretty neat at first glance, I had a tendency to stuff things in drawers just to get them off surfaces and out of the way. Rather than properly organizing things, it was easier to just stuff them away and forget about them.

Looking back, I think that this silver energy imbalance stemmed from my parents getting divorced when I was an adolescent. Their irreconcilable differences made separation the right choice for them, but the stability of my home had been taken away at a formative time in my life.

As a result, I ended up moving out on my own at the age of 17, saying that I craved my independence, but what I truly craved was the home sanctuary I had lost. I just had not fully processed all of it at that point. Stuffing things in drawers was a physical manifestation of where I was emotionally.

After working with silver energy, I became aware that my home did not reflect who I wanted to be. I made a conscious effort to not only treat my living space with more respect, but to also “unpack” any emotions that were buried within me.

When we activate and work with silver energy, we are allowing the universe to show us how we can bring our home life into a more harmonious state. A great way to boost silver energy is by taking care of something related to the maintenance of your home. It could be painting a wall, repairing a leaky faucet, or tidying up an office.

What is one easy way that you could tend to your home this week? Let me know in the comments! Show your home some love, and silver energy will reward you with a calming sense of safety.

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