What It Means When A Color Bothers Us

Have you ever found yourself repelled by a specific color? If so, pay attention to it, because there may be a valuable message for you in this resistance. I experienced this personally today. I bought these red flowers to use as a color prop for my Hay House radio show this week. The theme was “Even Gurus Get Grumpy” and I intended to talk about how we sometimes ignore our feelings in the hopes of feeling good all the time.I planned to talk about ways to manage a healthy range of emotions.

Since I see red as the color of healthy emotions and relationships, I knew that red was the perfect color to use this week. The idea of a “color prop” comes from my book. This concept basically allows you to utilize color energy throughout your day by keeping a specific color near you as a reminder. And yet, I found myself feeling really annoyed by these red flowers! Did I overdo it by putting them in my grandmother’s red “Brady Bunch” pitcher? Perhaps, but I also started to ask myself what message I could be missing.

When I got quiet and meditated on red, the answer became clear. I have a very big week ahead of me. I will be taping a national TV show to promote my book, and I have been feeling very nervous about it. I will be reading for a celebrity on camera, and I want everything to go well. I want to be calm and confident. I want to express myself clearly, so that I can properly convey the concepts about color that I’ve worked so hard on. And to be completely honest, I want to look cute on camera.

In the days leading up to this week, I was denying the fact that I felt nervous about this to myself. I kept pretending that I felt 100% confident, in the hopes that my subconscious would cooperate. But in doing this, I forgot one of my major beliefs: that it is always better to acknowledge a full range of emotions, even if they are not what we want.

So here I am, feeling vulnerable and nervous. Owning this feeling frees me from pretending that it does not exist. And this entire revelation came about as a result of hating these red flowers. This is the beauty of color energy.




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  1. Sonia cardona
    Sonia cardona says:

    Maybe the way the flowers were grown is what you are picking up on as well
    I once had a dress that I liked and both times I wore it I had a minor car accedent
    Of course I thee it out
    It was a black and white dress hmmm
    Also I have a car that from the day got it I had 3 accidents none my fault but still
    I was told to put a red ribbon on the front mirror
    And I did and I also did in the back side where ever I could
    I know a bit my but it worked
    Now was it my liscense plate number
    Same thing happen to the previous car
    Yeah I know but. You have to keep moving on.

    • Avery
      Avery says:

      Mars, is symbolized with the color red and number 9. 9 can also symbolize accidents, anger, and a quick transition to the other side. Of course with any number and planet there are the pros and cons. I prefer more pinky red in small doses.

    • Avery
      Avery says:

      If you have a lot of saturn energy around you i.e first name, last name, day of birth, also house numbers or license plate that adds up to the number 8, you will feel a natural aversion to the color red except in small amounts, and should avoid things that add up to the number 9 (mars energy) as a general rule. 9 (mars ) is agitating to the number 8 (saturn energy). 8 people should be extremely careful with lots of red or 9 around them.

  2. Barbara
    Barbara says:

    Red reminds me of fire and boldness. Getting up on stage and being self confident. I liked your sharing about your inner reaction and needing to go with in and checking out those messages of feelings of insecurity . Thanks for the reminder .!

  3. Elizabeth
    Elizabeth says:

    My first reaction is the jug is wrong.(for me) I would have loved to have seen these flowers in an elegant white,
    ceramic vasec decorated in a multi coloured floral pattern.(emphasising the freshness and brightness)
    I have been mad about maroon recently and (almost by accident) found myself leaving the house in
    maroon beret, maroon jacket, trousers and even maroon shoes.
    I got some strange looks , some mocking, some pitying (ha ha) and despite these, decided that the total maroon look was (after all) a bit over the top.
    Since then I have used contrast and think that this can actually enhance the main colour you love.
    As an artist and also someone very keen on symbolism I am eagerly awaiting your new book on colour Dougall..
    I am from the UK and listen at 5pm on tuesday every week to your prog. on Hayhouse.

    All the Best Much love Elizabeth

    • Dougall
      Dougall says:

      I agree, I think the jug was a bit much together with the flowers. But overall I think I was subconsciously leading myself to examine and release the insecurity. Thank you so much for your kind words Elizabeth!

  4. anori
    anori says:

    So wonderful, too, your transparency in the process. Helps me hold up a friendly mirror to my emotional life more readily. Am sending good energy for support, joy and ease. May they see you, naturally, as the beautiful light you are.

  5. Leslie
    Leslie says:

    I love how your subconscious self took care of you and double-dosed the red. It caught your attention through irritation and allowed you to experience and acknowledge your true emotional state. What a relief! Then you could support yourself. Best wishes on the big week. You are awesome and so genuine, you’ll do great! And you’re always cute 🙂

  6. Sue F Minahan
    Sue F Minahan says:

    I love all the red!! AND mostly, I LOVE the fact you posted about RED. Pardon the caps, but I truly mean this with all my heart and soul. Because, JUST an hr ago I was talking to my husband about a very very dear friend of ours who has red on her ughy list. She doesn’t like it. And I do — which in itself is no biggy — but, the issue is I HAVE red in our homes here and there and sometimes almost everywhere. In our primary condo I have red rugs. A big one in the bedroom and it came with 4 little (well, flying carpet size rugs 3×6.5′ that are scattered….because we live upstairs in a 1941 building that virtually hasn’t any sound insulation between the floors and a kinda cranky space-possessive couple living downstairs. So, one is in the kitchen, and the others border the living room rug (that isn’t red, but somehow nicely matches in some strange way). Our dear friend was in the midst of house-sitting and then caring for a woman on hospice who passed and now her brother is going to remodel the house and she must move soonTues. So, long-story-kinda-short, I offered her to stay here. Though we have a couch. BUT we have a car and she can get around, till other opportunities poke thru. BUT, then! I remembered RED! Mass red. Leading me JUST to ask — why does a color become uncomfortable? I certainly had a few in my past — anything painted green for one. Now I’m fine with it. Clothes and all. The other was blue. And I love blue. Not sure about brown clothes though. So I’ll have to read your book. Brown clothes need to be very specific. Maybe more beige. Or shoes/and not now. UMMMM….yes, I rather get depressed if I go into a house with only light beige and browns and NO color. Feels sterile or just not life-like. Ok, me too. But I still thankyou heaps for speaking about red. And I love the flowers and the little vase. Perfect for that kind of daisy. Friendly.

    • Dougall
      Dougall says:

      Thanks so much for letting me know your experiences with red! To answer your question, if we don’t like specific colors it can often mean that we are working through issues related to that color’s qualities.

  7. Bonnie
    Bonnie says:

    Great revelation!! I find myself wondering if you changed your props or became ok with the colors once you gained insight?
    And I love your new show on Hay House radio. In fact I gave up another favorite at the same time so I could listen to you! Looking forward to the release of your April.

  8. Liz
    Liz says:

    Hi Dougall,
    I have only recently discovered you via Hay House Radio and I love your energy and your work. I admire your natural confidence you exude on radio and I know you will pack a punch in the work ahead of you this week. The world so needs light workers like yourself right now, seeing a rainbow of confidence around you x

  9. Samantha Parrott Bloedel
    Samantha Parrott Bloedel says:

    I am an Aura Intuitive also. I’m looking forward to reading your book. I color code my closet so that I pick the vibration I need that day. I had an experience with red too. I was giving a talk and felt I needed confidence so I wore a red blouse. It made me feel uncomfortable and the talk was ok. I realized that what I needed was blue so that I could speak my truth. Thank you for your inspiring words!


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