You Can Take Your Home With You

Greetings from Tokyo! I have returned for the fifth time to work with coaching clients, give private intuitive readings, and to hold several live events. My childhood dream of coming to Japan has manifested into a wonderful reality, and I am profoundly grateful for it.

(Flowers in our apartment in Tokyo)

Although I love to travel for work, I am very sensitive to the energy of my surroundings. We are all influenced by the energy of our living space whether we realize it or not. And as an intuitive who feels energy for a living, it is incredibly important for me to sleep in a place that feels familiar. For this reason, I opt to rent an apartment when we come to Japan. Thanks to the internet, there are many easy ways to rent a place to stay that is both affordable and homey.

In my book Your Life In Color I discuss feminine silver energy and how this relates to our home. Pouring love and attention into our living space creates a sense of calm safety. Having a healthy relationship with silver can also balance the other elements of our lives, particularly our relationships with other people.

But when we travel, we are pulled out of our home environment and placed into a new one. This arrangement is naturally temporary, so it can be easy to not feel invested in making it feel like home. But in my experience, traveling is always better when we pour some silver energy into the place that we stay.

Incorporating silver energy during travel is easy and fun to do. There are simple steps you can take whether you stay at a hotel, apartment, or even a friend’s home.

Essential oils by the bed (can you tell I like flowers?)

The day after we arrive in Tokyo, I like to buy some flowers or a plant to place in the apartment. This immediately helps me claim the space with silver intention. This way every time I walk through the door, I see a living reminder that this is our home. I make sure to bring a container of my favorite coffee with me, so that I can enjoy the same exact ritual as I do at home. David and I completely unpack after arriving and put our suitcases out of sight. He likes to bring his favorite essential oils, like eucalyptus and lavender, so that it smells like home. We use an oil diffuser at home, but he will usually place a few drops of oil on a tissue and leave them throughout the apartment so it smells familiar. We try to use as many senses as possible when invoking silver energy. Do you have any tips for creating a sense of home when you travel? Let me know in the comments below, I’d love to hear about them!

I am teaching a new video workshop that focuses on harnessing the power of our sensitivity. It’s a revamped version of one of my most popular courses, Empowering The Empath, and I am really proud of it. As an intuitive, I want to change the common perception that being sensitive is somehow a weakness. My intention is to demonstrate that our sensitivity is a powerful tool that can improve many aspects of our lives.

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  1. Cyndi
    Cyndi says:

    I take a travel sound machine which has a variety of sounds. I pick one and sleep to it when home before a trip a few times then no matter which hotel I am in it sounds like home. I like lavendar also for sleep time. I try to make sure the bed is similar hardness/softness. Definitely take my own pillow cases so I don’t react with their cleaning supplies, it can be used like a laundry bag at end of trip.

  2. Mary Knight-Hall
    Mary Knight-Hall says:

    I agree with all of the above…I always take essential oils, love to bring my own coffee, and definitely my own pillow case. A couple of other nice things to have if space permits are a favorite throw or blanket, a scarf to wear that can double as room decor over furniture, and a nighttime tea. Home is where your heart is happy.

  3. Joan
    Joan says:

    I have a lovely picture of my family in a silver frame and a framed copy of the Unity Prayer of Protection and of course my gratitude journal in its wildly colored cover.


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