Empowering The Empath
Are you a naturally sensitive person?
Do you easily take on the emotions of others?

Do you find it challenging to maintain your center in public places?

Empathy is one of the most profound and extraordinary psychic experiences, but it can also be one of the more confusing to engage in.
Empowering The Empath is a video workshop designed to empower your sensitivity.
Dougall Fraser is an intuitive with over 20 years experience in guiding others to awaken the power of their sensitivity through the use of color.  Now, he is sharing the same tools he uses with his clients to help you do the same. Learn how to channel your innate empathy to its full potential so you can lead a full, abundant and peaceful life. Each lesson features techniques to help you empower your sensitivity through the use of color.

In This 5 Part Interactive Workshop You Will Learn How To...
  • Turn your empathy on and off depending on your needs.  Sensitive people often feel like the emotions of others are directed at them without a choice. Together we will learn how to access the energy when you want to, and also how to decrease your sensitivityso you can move on with your day.
  • Energetically clear a space. Whether it’s your home, office, a party or any other situation, a sensitive person is often processing the energy of any room. Learn how to clear space so you can enjoy being at a party, workspace or even a concert!
  • Develop a healthy exchange of energy within relationships. Empaths spend a majority of their life listening and counseling those around them. Learn tools to remind yourself the importance of self care and sharing. This will be a group of like-minded people from around the world here to share and support each other.
  • Let it go. Learn simple and easy tools to identify when someone else's energy is misplaced onto you, and how to let it go. Color affirmations, healing meditations, and practical exercises are just some of the tools that will become part of your daily life.
Lesson One:
The Purpose of Empathy
In this live lesson, Dougall will start off by delving into the nature of empathy and what it means to be a sensitive person. Why are some of us naturally more attuned to the feelings of others? On the other hand, why do some people struggle to empathize and connect with others? We will examine the concept of sensitivity from all sides, including why its benefits can turn into a hindrance if not managed. This lesson will also introduce us to the Emotional Body and the best color to access it. Expect lots of interaction, as well as opportunities for live intuitive guidance from Dougall.
In this section Dougall will guide you in the process of claiming your vision. You will learn to engage in your brain’s desire to fantasize about your goal and vision by utilizing meditation, color therapy and creative visualization.
Reserve your spot today for $199!
The program begins on Tuesday September 5th at 5pm PST / 8pm EST. All live portions will take place on Tuesdays. 

Live Lesson Dates: September 5th, 12th, 19th, and 26th at 5pm PST. (Bonus Lesson will be on October 3rd at 11am PST).
Lesson Two:
Energy Management & Protection
Because of our tendency to take on the energy of others, empaths are often conditioned to believe that they are "too sensitive." By holding the mistaken belief that empathy is a bad thing, we will often isolate ourselves in an effort at self-protection. In this lesson, Dougall will discuss how he overcame the chronic shyness and loneliness that often accompanies highly empathetic people. He will discuss why being sensitive is in fact an incredibly powerful gift, and will demonstrate how we can take charge of it. This live lesson will introduce us to the idea that we can turn our empathy on and off, so we can walking the planet without constantly feeling emotionally wide open. We will also learn the best color to help us do this whenever we like.
Lesson Three:
Letting Go Of What Doesn't Serve Us
One of the most challenging parts of being a sensitive person is the feeling of having someone's energy linger with you for longer than you would like. A disagreement, uncomfortable interaction, or even just watching a disturbing news story, can stay with us for days. In this live lesson, Dougall introduces us to techniques that he personally uses to release the thoughts and feelings connected to an experience with another person. This lesson will also include a special "Higher Self" technique that helps to prepare for an interaction with difficult or challenging people.
Lesson Four:
Empowered And Moving Forward
This lesson is geared towards exploring our new sensitivity tools. Dougall will guide you through examining and experimenting with connecting to the energy of others. We will then practice disconnecting from others so we can effectively observe, then release those feelings rather than taking them on as our own. There will be plenty of time for in-depth Q&A and intuitive guidance from Dougall.
Lesson Five:
International Bonus Call
We have several international participants who requested a lesson that is convenient in their time zone, so we decided to offer a special bonus lesson! This lesson will serve as an opportunity for extra questions and answers with Dougall, including practice exercises for utilizing our new empathy tools. A live empathy meditation will be included. This lesson will take place on October 3rd at 11:00am PST.
Special Bonuses
In addition to 5 live video lessons taught by Dougall you will also receive three recorded guided meditations and affirmations.
Audio one: Sacred Space
In this audio Dougall will lead you through a process to prepare any space energetically so you can be at peace wherever you are.
One of the most common issues we experience in life is adapting to the energy of different spaces. Whether it is a stressful work place, family get-together, or a first date, we are constantly faced with adapting to our environment. This audio will help create a safe, nurturing energy around you that can be taken with you wherever you are.
Audio two: Self-Love
Self-love is an important, but often misunderstood part of a healthy integrated life. Sensitive people love to help others, but we sometimes struggle with the idea of setting aside time for self-care. In this recording, Dougall will teach you how to put yourself first while still honoring our desire to be there for our loved ones.
Audio Three: Letting Go
In this audio we will be guided in separating from and releasing the energy we hold for others. Dougall will demonstrate the critical difference between observing the feelings of others, and taking on those feelings as our own. Understanding this difference will allow you to be of service to others without weighing yourself down.
Reserve your spot today for $199!
The program begins on Tuesday September 5th at 5pm PST / 8pm EST. All live portions will take place on Tuesdays. 

Live Lesson Dates: September 5th, 12th, 19th, and 26th at 5pm PST. (Bonus Lesson will be on October 3rd at 11am PST).
Empowering the empath
One Payment
  • 5 Live Video Lessons
  • 3 Recorded Guided Meditations Including Affirmations
  • Weekly Custom Meditations
  • Lifetime Access To Recordings
  • Private Course Community
  • Downloadable Video/Audio Lessons
“After taking several of Dougall Fraser's courses throughout the past several years, I want to shout from the rooftops how wonderful the experiences have been!  His knowledge,  personal stories, open heart,  humor,  warmth, and tone of his voice all greatly enrich the experience of learning from him.  He goes above and beyond just teaching his techniques by really connecting and interacting.  Even through the internet or telephone, his personality sparkles and his soul shines brightly.” - Mj Derhak
"Working with Dougall Fraser is like finding your true north - Dougall's keen insight as well as his practical and actionable advice will illuminate the best course every time. After working with Dougall, my career (and life!) has taken off by leaps and bounds. This class is a must for anyone looking to move forward in all of life's directions with clarity and confidence". -Licia Morelli Writer, Psychic, & Coach.

“Before I took Dougall's classes, I had a stack of unpublished book manuscripts, an unannounced website and blog, closeted intuitive skills, and severe lower back pain. Since taking Dougall's classes, I've attracted people to my website and blog posts through daily announcements on social media, I've had several new coaching clients, done numerous readings in a variety of venues, published one of my books, and eliminated my back pain! This sounds astounding, I know, but Dougall is a gifted and generous teacher; his classes offer opportunity for deep, practical, and lasting positive change in all areas of life. He creates this haven for growth in a safe, well-organized environment filled with humor, inspiration, insights, and wisdom.  Dougall’s sweetness touches the soul, allowing for all of these big changes to unfold in a natural, effortless, and holistic way. I am deeply and profoundly grateful for the effects Dougall's classes have had on my life. Dougall is a magician, teacher, and shaman of the highest order.” -B. Dietz
“Dougall Fraser is an amazing psychic, mentor, and coach.  He is honest, authentic, and compassionate.  His work will inspire and motivate you to be better than you ever thought you could be.  I highly recommend him.” -Regina Byrnes, Spirit Medium for people and Pets
Frequently Asked Questions
Q: What if I'm not sure if I'm an empath?
A: Empathy is defined as the ability to understand and share the feelings of another. We all have this ability, but it manifests in different levels for each of us. Some of us struggle to relate to others, which can be a drain on relationships and makes it difficult to form deep connections. On the other hand, a highly sensitive person has no problem feeling the emotions of others. Empaths are often so open to the emotions of others that they unintentionally take them on. This can cause us to feel overly emotional, depressed, or overwhelmed. While empathy may seem like a straightforward idea on the surface, it can be highly confusing in practice. You do not need to be an empath in order to benefit from this workshop. This experience is designed to help you find a healthy relationship with your empathy and sensitivity.
Q: When do the live portions of the program take place?
A: The program begins on Tuesday September 5th at 5pm PST / 8pm EST. All live portions will take place on Tuesdays.

Live Lesson Dates: September 5th, 12th, 19th, and 26th at 5pm PST.
Q: What if I don't have any prior experience with energy work or empathy techniques?
A: Empowering The Empath is designed to be an interactive, enlightening, and easy workshop for people of all experience levels. Our intention is to help you learn more about yourself and your innate sensitivity using color activation techniques, practical exercises, and healing meditations.
Q: What if I am not available for every live part of the program?
A: Every portion of this program will be recorded and emailed to you the following day. This will make sure that you don't miss any content despite your schedule. In addition, you will have lifetime access to all recordings and materials so you can reapply the principles of this course at any point in the future!
Q: Will I get time to interact with Dougall?
A: Yes! Every live session will include an interactive question and answer portion. In addition, course members have access to a private Facebook group where we can connect and support each other’s progress. Your thoughts and questions matter to us, and Dougall will be interacting with you throughout the experience!
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