Dougall Visits Hollywood Today Live

Dougall visited the hosts of Hollywood Today Live to discuss how he sees and uses color energy.

This Conscious Meditation Will Help You Take Charge Of Your Day

In this clip, Dougall explains how a simple decision about what to wear can help you change the entire tone of your day. After waking up to a broken refrigerator on an already stressful morning, he was able to use the color of his clothes to change his mood from stressed and overwhelmed to centered.

OWN Introduces Dougall

Here is the first in a series of videos that I did for the OWN network. In this one, I explain how I came to harness my intuition. Please click here to check it out!

OWN: The Secret To Dougall Fraser’s Incredible Readings

What does seeing aura color look like for a clairvoyant? In this clip from OWN, Dougall explains how we all have the ability to see energy around people. Please click here to check out the video!

How To Sharpen Your Intuition

This is a clip from the Pearl xChange event in Los Angeles, which was filmed by the Oprah Winfrey Network. In it, Dougall describes how you can sharpen your intuition.

Dougall’s Approach To Living A Spiritual Life

In this clip from Dougall’s recent talk at the Pearl xChange event, he explains his approach to spirituality.

Dougall Featured By OWN Network

Check out Dougall’s recent talk at the Pearl xChange, which was filmed by the OWN network. The empowerment event was hosted by Nicole Richie and featured speakers such as Marianne Williamson, Gwyneth Paltrow, astronaut Jeanette Epps, self-esteem expert Jess Weiner, and venture capitalist Shadi Mehraein.

Dougall sits down with Margaret from New Day Northwest

New Day Northwest

Dougall sits down with Margaret to talk about manifesting techniques. Dougall explains his view of attracting good things into our lives.

Dougall on set of AMNW in a blue striped shirt

Dougall Visits AM Northwest

I loved returning to AM Northwest in Portland!  I got to spend some time with the lovely and hilarious Helen Raptis, check it out!

Dougall Reads For Richard Lewis

I had a great time at AM Northwest in Portland!  I had the opportunity to read for legendary comedian Richard Lewis, as well as Dave the host and several audience members.  Take a look and see how it all went down!