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You Can Take Your Home With You

Greetings from Tokyo! I have returned for the fifth time to work with coaching clients, give private intuitive readings, and to hold several live events. My childhood dream of coming to Japan has manifested into a wonderful reality, and I am profoundly grateful for it. Although I love to travel for work, I am very […]

What does your home say about your consciousness?

When I see silver energy around someone, it represents powerful, divine feminine energy. Silver is effective for increasing a sense of security in our lives, particularly at home. Silver has an established history of being associated with feminine power, as well as the moon. In tribal societies, the moon, and therefore silver, is traditionally associated […]

Tokyo Live Talk July 2017

Join Dougall for a fun evening of spirit and color energy! Dougall returns to Japan to discuss his 20 years of working with color energy, and practical ways that you can incorporate it into your daily life. Select audience members will receive live readings. Click here to learn more.

Tokyo 3 Day Color Certification Workshop July 2017

Join Dougall in Japan for this exciting color series! Dougall will be certifying students as Color Coaches, trained in the same methods that Dougall uses with clients. You will learn to utilize specific color activation techniques for yourself or with your own coaching business. To find out more, please click here.

Nagoya 1 Day Color Intuition Workshop July 2017

Join Dougall in Nagoya, Japan for a one day intensive! This fun, lighthearted workshop is designed to help heighten your intuitive powers using color. No prior experience is necessary, and you will leave with a series of actionable steps to activating color in your life. To find out more, please click here.

Why do we want what we don’t have?

Hi from Oregon! We flew to Portland this week so I could do some local TV to promote my new book, as well as a book signing. I am looking out at a marina as I write, enjoying the grey skies and gentle pitter-patter of rain. I absolutely love this weather, the kind that makes […]

3 Ways The Color Purple Can Lead You To Your Destiny

As a professional intuitive and aura reader, purple is one of the most popular colors I am asked about. I completely understand this attraction, and often find that spiritual practitioners use the color purple as a theme in their offices. So the question is, what’s the deal with the purple? Why are people so drawn […]